Monday, January 21, 2013

Dust off That Old Fitness DVD

Dust off that Old Fitness DVD

Okay go to the cabinet that you keep your old DVD's and Tapes. Look in the far back corner  and pick out one of your old fitness DVD's that you have forgot about. Now put it into your player and push play.  You now have a fitness program and it didn't cost you a dime.

I had a set of DVD's that I had bought FLO. Actually I bought it as a joke because when we married she had a bunch of fitness tapes.  I think she had bought everyone that done an infomercial.    Tonight we both did Code Red of Barry's Boot Camp. Now that wasn't a very popular fitness tape but it was really a pretty good workout.

I say this to say that sometimes we go out and are looking for the next big thing.  We think we need the latest and the greatest but the reality is we just need to eat right and move our body.  If you don't have a DVD don't worry just go for a walk, run, do jumping jacks, push ups.  Just move and get fit.

Joe Palmer

Sunday, January 20, 2013

My 10 DAY Momentum Push

My 2013 Challenge has been good so far.  I will weigh in tomorrow morning and am already down 6 pounds.  My sweet wife is down 4 for the new year. Not bad for a 20 day stretch.  I am really getting excited and I want to REV IT UP!!! So starting in the morning I am pulling out the stops. I am going to finish the month strong.  I don't want anything to stand between me and hitting at least 10 if not 12 pounds my first month.   So I am going to hit my action plan.  Here it is.

1. Two shakes and day for breakfast and lunch.  This is the foundation of the Body by VI challenge and nothing is better.  I love my shakes.

2.  I will walk a mile every day.  Nothing starts your day off better than a nice walk and here is a sure fire way to get the metabolism running. Drink a shake and take a hike.

3. I will do my exercise routine every night for the next 10 day. I dusted off an old DVD and it kicked my butt. So I am going to kick back and see what results I can get on a 10 day program.

4. I will record everything, and I do mean everything I eat. Keeping a food journal helps you be accountable to yourself.  It stops those bad habits of putting food into your mouth and saying it is only one bite.

5. Water, Water, Water.  I am going to start drinking water.  It is not my norm but it is time to hydrate not dehydrate my body. Being thirsty is often associated as hunger.  Water also gives your entire body a boost.

6. Replace coffee with Green Tea.  Green Tea is a know metabolism booster and coffee dehydrates you body. So I'm making the switch.

7.  Cut the Carbs.  I have been a little slack in eating carbs. We need carbs but the right kind and in the right amount. I am going to cut all the sugar I can and all the bread. Carbs with fiber like fruits and vegetables is okay.

8.  Engage a buddy.  My goal this year is to help as many people as I can lose weight. It is proven that by surrounding yourself with a buddy system you are more likely to be successful.  So I am going to reach out to my buddies on the Challenge and see how I can help them and thus help myself.

9.  Cut out the Late Night snacks.  Late night snacks are a killer your metabolism slows down and the body needs some time to rest.  I have definitely been eating too much after supper.

10 Get some sleep.  Last but not least I am going to go to bed earlier.  By getting more sleep your body and your metabolism is boosted.  This also help my late night eating problem and helps me get up and out earlier.

If I do this I'll also get to register for PROJECT 10 and I will hopefully win a cool $1000 dollars in cash.  If not I'll still get my free T shirt.

Joe Palmer

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Give me a Little Sugar

This is a great short article on sugar.  If you want to lose weight you need to drop sugar of all forms.  It simply makes us crave more food because it spikes our blood sugar and then it crashes and we feel hungry.

Is All Sugar Equal?

The #1 Thing you Need to Lose Weight

Starting your second challenge can be difficult.  I personally faced several obstacles.

1.  While I love the Visalus shakes and wasn't tired of them I was wanting to eat some things off my food list. At first this wasn't a problem but when I tried to restart my challenge I was committed enough and I slipped back into some old habits.  I had the mindset: "It won't hurt just this once."  It is true in your diet that eating a splurge meal doesn't really hurt.  But eating several in a row will. 

2.  I had a lot of distractions.  I went on vacation.  I had the holidays.  I also was moving and that became a distraction. I went to buy burgers for my workers and started to eat a lot of fast food.  Distractions are a challenge but really the issue was motivation and commitment. 

The #1 thing everyone needs to lose weight is commitment.  That is why I love my 90 day Challenge is that I put myself out there to do this and reach this goal and I am committing myself to the program for 90 days.  

I have a lot of people ask me if they can buy a back of shake mix and try it.  I really don't like to sell a bag because I know from my experience the results. 

1. They will drink the shakes and like them.
2. They will lose a little weight but not much because they aren't committed.
3. They will fall back into their old eating habits and conclude the program didn't work.

We need to be honest the program works but it won't work if you don't work the program.  This is a 90 Day Challenge. 

If you sign up with me and do the 90 day challenge you will see great results. Your results may be better or less than someone else, but you will see results.  

So if you want to commit to the challenge send me a message or call me.

Monday, December 31, 2012

Monday, October 22, 2012

Overcoming Discouragement

One of the obstacles we face in life regardless of what we do is discouragement.   Just think about the areas of our life that discouragement can affect.

  • Learning to play an instrument.
  • Finishing your education.
  • Completing a project.
  • Our job.
  • We can get discouraged about a church, or a civic club we belong to.
Losing weight and getting in shape is one of the hardest things to do.  Consider just a few of the things that can make these tasks discouraging.
  • It requires us to change our habits of eating and exercise.  
  • It takes a long time.
  • Sometimes the results are slow.
  • Sometimes there are setbacks.
  • We know there will be obstacles.
  • Sometimes people may discourage us.
So today I want to ask the question to you as a reader, "How do you handle discouragement?"  Hopefully you are not answering going to the fridge and getting a bowl of Bluebell Ice Cream.  Tomorrow.  I'll give you some of my suggestions.  

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Challenge # 2 - THE GOAL

This week Flo and I started challenge number 2.  My goal is to lose 30 more pounds.  If I accomplish this goal several significant milestones will be broken.
  1. I will first of all break into the range of overweight.  Now I am officially obese.
  2. I will next break below 200.  I started my challenge at 228 so.  I am shooting for 198.
In my first challenge I reversed 7 years of weight gain in 90 days and got off one blood pressure medications.  If I make to 198, I will be at a weight that was last seen in my 20's.  I have no memory of when I was last below 200.  I do remember being at 210 when I was at my first church in Ridgely, Tennessee.

If I do this I will also have to buy a complete new wardrobe.  Not a bad problem to have.

Flo's challenge is to lose another 20 pounds. If she meets that goal she will be at the weight she was when we started dating.  So that would be awesome.

I lost 2 pounds so far in only 2 days so that is awesome.  Flo hasn't weighed in yet but we  will keep you posted.