Monday, October 22, 2012

Overcoming Discouragement

One of the obstacles we face in life regardless of what we do is discouragement.   Just think about the areas of our life that discouragement can affect.

  • Learning to play an instrument.
  • Finishing your education.
  • Completing a project.
  • Our job.
  • We can get discouraged about a church, or a civic club we belong to.
Losing weight and getting in shape is one of the hardest things to do.  Consider just a few of the things that can make these tasks discouraging.
  • It requires us to change our habits of eating and exercise.  
  • It takes a long time.
  • Sometimes the results are slow.
  • Sometimes there are setbacks.
  • We know there will be obstacles.
  • Sometimes people may discourage us.
So today I want to ask the question to you as a reader, "How do you handle discouragement?"  Hopefully you are not answering going to the fridge and getting a bowl of Bluebell Ice Cream.  Tomorrow.  I'll give you some of my suggestions.