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Me and my lovely wife turned fifty this year.   After being married for 7 wonderful years we have found that our happiness has caught up with and we have become as the saying goes, "Fat and Happy."  Well we are tired of being "Fat" and prefer to be "Fit and Happy."  
We have both tried all sorts of diets.  Our most common diet was the Monday Morning Diet.  We dieted every Monday morning between breakfast and lunch. Needless to say it wasn't very effective.  Unless you count putting on lots of weight as effective.  
We decided together that we were going to start on the Body by Vi ninety day challenge.  Don't ask me why now.  I don't really know.  I did some research but it just seemed right. 
Since I am a communicator by occupation and enjoy Blogging. (Check out my other blog) www.joepalmer.wordpress.com  I decided to write about my experience.  One reason I am doing this is that putting myself out there like this raises my commitment level.
I am not sure how much my wife will write or even let me share about her.  She is kinda like a lot of women she is really embarrassed and kinda private about her weight.  Not that she is very heavy. She is honestly very beautiful and my best friend to boot.
After starting I talked my son Seth into tagging along on my adventure.  I hope he will really get motivated because he has set a goal of becoming a personal trainer.  
My real job is preaching, plus I sell insurance on the side a little.  I have a full life and I really know I need to get in shape.  I hope you enjoy reading my blog. Feel free to comment back.  If you are interested in Body by VI please let me sign you up. I get free product for signing folks up. 

Joe Palmer

P.S. I am Joe and my wife's nickname if Florita or Flo for short.  Don't ask my why I just give people random nicknames.

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