Monday, January 21, 2013

Dust off That Old Fitness DVD

Dust off that Old Fitness DVD

Okay go to the cabinet that you keep your old DVD's and Tapes. Look in the far back corner  and pick out one of your old fitness DVD's that you have forgot about. Now put it into your player and push play.  You now have a fitness program and it didn't cost you a dime.

I had a set of DVD's that I had bought FLO. Actually I bought it as a joke because when we married she had a bunch of fitness tapes.  I think she had bought everyone that done an infomercial.    Tonight we both did Code Red of Barry's Boot Camp. Now that wasn't a very popular fitness tape but it was really a pretty good workout.

I say this to say that sometimes we go out and are looking for the next big thing.  We think we need the latest and the greatest but the reality is we just need to eat right and move our body.  If you don't have a DVD don't worry just go for a walk, run, do jumping jacks, push ups.  Just move and get fit.

Joe Palmer

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