Sunday, January 20, 2013

My 10 DAY Momentum Push

My 2013 Challenge has been good so far.  I will weigh in tomorrow morning and am already down 6 pounds.  My sweet wife is down 4 for the new year. Not bad for a 20 day stretch.  I am really getting excited and I want to REV IT UP!!! So starting in the morning I am pulling out the stops. I am going to finish the month strong.  I don't want anything to stand between me and hitting at least 10 if not 12 pounds my first month.   So I am going to hit my action plan.  Here it is.

1. Two shakes and day for breakfast and lunch.  This is the foundation of the Body by VI challenge and nothing is better.  I love my shakes.

2.  I will walk a mile every day.  Nothing starts your day off better than a nice walk and here is a sure fire way to get the metabolism running. Drink a shake and take a hike.

3. I will do my exercise routine every night for the next 10 day. I dusted off an old DVD and it kicked my butt. So I am going to kick back and see what results I can get on a 10 day program.

4. I will record everything, and I do mean everything I eat. Keeping a food journal helps you be accountable to yourself.  It stops those bad habits of putting food into your mouth and saying it is only one bite.

5. Water, Water, Water.  I am going to start drinking water.  It is not my norm but it is time to hydrate not dehydrate my body. Being thirsty is often associated as hunger.  Water also gives your entire body a boost.

6. Replace coffee with Green Tea.  Green Tea is a know metabolism booster and coffee dehydrates you body. So I'm making the switch.

7.  Cut the Carbs.  I have been a little slack in eating carbs. We need carbs but the right kind and in the right amount. I am going to cut all the sugar I can and all the bread. Carbs with fiber like fruits and vegetables is okay.

8.  Engage a buddy.  My goal this year is to help as many people as I can lose weight. It is proven that by surrounding yourself with a buddy system you are more likely to be successful.  So I am going to reach out to my buddies on the Challenge and see how I can help them and thus help myself.

9.  Cut out the Late Night snacks.  Late night snacks are a killer your metabolism slows down and the body needs some time to rest.  I have definitely been eating too much after supper.

10 Get some sleep.  Last but not least I am going to go to bed earlier.  By getting more sleep your body and your metabolism is boosted.  This also help my late night eating problem and helps me get up and out earlier.

If I do this I'll also get to register for PROJECT 10 and I will hopefully win a cool $1000 dollars in cash.  If not I'll still get my free T shirt.

Joe Palmer

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