Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The #1 Thing you Need to Lose Weight

Starting your second challenge can be difficult.  I personally faced several obstacles.

1.  While I love the Visalus shakes and wasn't tired of them I was wanting to eat some things off my food list. At first this wasn't a problem but when I tried to restart my challenge I was committed enough and I slipped back into some old habits.  I had the mindset: "It won't hurt just this once."  It is true in your diet that eating a splurge meal doesn't really hurt.  But eating several in a row will. 

2.  I had a lot of distractions.  I went on vacation.  I had the holidays.  I also was moving and that became a distraction. I went to buy burgers for my workers and started to eat a lot of fast food.  Distractions are a challenge but really the issue was motivation and commitment. 

The #1 thing everyone needs to lose weight is commitment.  That is why I love my 90 day Challenge is that I put myself out there to do this and reach this goal and I am committing myself to the program for 90 days.  

I have a lot of people ask me if they can buy a back of shake mix and try it.  I really don't like to sell a bag because I know from my experience the results. 

1. They will drink the shakes and like them.
2. They will lose a little weight but not much because they aren't committed.
3. They will fall back into their old eating habits and conclude the program didn't work.

We need to be honest the program works but it won't work if you don't work the program.  This is a 90 Day Challenge. 

If you sign up with me and do the 90 day challenge you will see great results. Your results may be better or less than someone else, but you will see results.  

So if you want to commit to the challenge send me a message or call me.

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  1. I have seen similar struggles many times when I worked in weight loss with people who were re-committing to their program, or coming back because they had gained back some of the weight they had lost because of getting off the "maintenance" portion of their journey. Though specific reasons for each persons struggle can vary greatly, I feel that it can be generalized to this:

    Even though they know the program works, and they understand the commitment they need to be successful, the program (whatever program it is) is no longer new and exciting! It's like the first time you learn a new task; painting, cross stitching, fishing - it's exciting because its new and fun! Then y do it for a while, stop for a bit, and think to yourself "this was so much fun once, I should pick it back up" but you usually don't, because maybe you found something else that's new and fun and exciting, or you just don't find the same excitement in the task that you once did.

    It was the same for me. When I first did my program, I was committed 110%. I stuck to it, stuck through it even through working full time, planning a wedding, having a wedding, going on a honey moon, and renovating a house. Then, like many, I fell off maintenance and decided to do program again to get back on track, and failed. Why? I had no real goal in mind, and I wasn't committed. I was merely interested.

    So here is the challenge. What will it take to get fully committed again? Whatever program you're doing will require it, and it's a decision only y can make. For some, the financial commitment is enough to stay motivated. For others, it's different and could be anything!

    Decide now. What is your motivator for commitment? I would encourage you to write it down and post it somewhere you will see it multiple times a day. For my husband, that's his bathroom mirror. He reads is affirmations aloud or to himself every morning and evening. Keep your goals in the front of your mind. Meditate on them daily, many times a day, and y will be amazed at what you accomplish.

    Good luck Joe and Flo!!