Saturday, August 4, 2012

Third of the Way to the Goal

This week I hit another milestone. I am a third of the way to my ultimate weight loss goal.  I have lost 33 pounds 12 percent of my original body weight is now gone.  I feel great.  My health is improving and I really don't miss my old life too much.  Sure I miss some things that I don't eat but I love the things I do eat, and I love my Vi Shape shakes.  My Neuro energy and mind charging drinks and not carrying around 33 pounds all the time.

My ultimate goal is to lose 100 pounds.  I had hoped to lose it in 3 challenges.  Now I feel it will take me four to do it.  I have gone from 268.3 pounds to 235.2 pounds in less than 11 weeks.

My son told me yesterday that he thinks I have a better attitude now too.  Well maybe I do.  It is easy to be more optimistic when you feel better physically.

Being a third of the way is exciting but it is also a reminder of how far there is to go.  I feel thinner but the chart still says I am obese.  I have to get to 210 pounds before I pass from obese to overweight.  At about 174 I go from overweight to normal.  My goal of getting to 168 is simply because A) it is in the normal range and B) it is a nice round number.

What if I don't make it.  Well, I will.  But my motivation behind my goal will cause me to keep altering and defining my goals and ultimately to set new goals.  My motivation is to have a healthier body so that I can serve God better, and longer while on this earth. I'm not a third of the way to that goal.  I have already reached that goal and can continue to improve in that as long as I keep my focus on doing the right things in my spiritual life and my daily physical life.

I hope you will set some goals and work to reach them. Think about your motivation too.  Be sure you are doing the right thing for the right reason. That will help you when you complete your goals and as you refocus you goals from time to time.

Joe and Flo

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