Thursday, August 2, 2012

Diet Vs. Exercise


I read the article linked below with a great deal of interest in regards to what help the most diet and exercise.  I encourage you to read it and apply it to your weight loss and fitness goals.  I have a few additional comments below.    

Diet Vs Exercise

I say if are able to exercise, diet and exercise are the best route.  They both help. Exercise help you burn calories and tone up your body.  Diet helps us fuel our body and giving it the right fuel matters.

This article gives great hope to people who are not physically able to exercise because of the pain their body is in.  I can personally let you talk to two people who have been on Body by Vi and lost weight and could not exercise. One is in a wheelchair and has lost over 30 pounds. One has had knee surgery and lost 20 pounds and isn't even finished with the first 90 days.

In regards to your diet.  I can tell you first hand what a pre-measured, good tasting, nutritionally balanced meal can do for your diet. 

I have lost 33 pounds

Flo has lost 17.4 

We did this with a minimal amount of exercise.  Yes we exercise, mostly walk, when we can but we are no gym rats.

So don't despair if you can't or don't like to exercise. Get on the Challenge.


  1. I wish I could lose weight without exercise. I went down to eating 1000 calories a day, only meat and vegetables and water, didn't lose a pound. I did one month of cross fit and lost 10.
    Proud of you guys!

  2. Thanks. We are going to keep on plugging.