Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Another one Drops 10%

Today Flo is down 10 % of her original body weight.  This is a really big milestone.  She is losing weight  every week.  Her weight has dropped 17 pounds. Joe is now down 11.5 percent of his body weight. 

What can losing 10% mean.

A Healthier Heart.  -  I don't have issues with my heart but heart disease is a lead killer among women.  So keeping my heart healthy is important.

Lower risk of Diabetes - Diabetes is a silent killer.  My weight loss means I am lowering my risks.  As you know diabetes is one of those diseases that compounds the problems with so many other areas.  I want to avoid it.

A Better Nights Sleep -  I don't have this issue that I know of but losing weight helps sleep apnea.  So lose weight and sleep great.

Joint Health -  I have knee problems and while they aren't giving me a lot of problems now every pounds I take off my knees helps them work better, longer, and with less pain.  This is very important since I work all day on my feet.

Lower risk of Cancer - All the research shows that lowering our body fat decreases our cancer risk.  While losing weight won't guarantee you don't get cancer it will help your body fight disease and lower your risk of getting cancer.

More Energy - Okay so it is time to go grocery shopping. Here is your list.

5 pound bag of flour
4 pound bag of sugar
3 pound package of hamburger meat
1 pound of cheese,
1 pound of frozen corn
1 pound of dried pinto beans
Two 8 ounce tubs of sour cream
a pound of butter. 

Now go carry that from the closest grocery store to your home.  If that makes you tired recognize that is amount of weight I am NOT carrying on my body today, that I was 10 weeks ago.  Now do you think I have more energy?

So do you want to try, "Body by Vi?"

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