Friday, May 25, 2012

Fitting Body by Vi into your Lifestyle - Day 4

Fitting Body by VI into your lifestyle?  

That is a real question with any diet.   I look at Body By Vi in two ways now.

1.  First is the challenge.  I am really excited about the challenge because I want to really lose weight.  So far I have lost a total of 4 pounds. Now I don't expect to keep up that pace.  I know that the weight comes off easier at first.   I have been walking and changing what I eat.  But I still go everywhere and do everything I did before.

I am a preacher and few things can be more difficult than dieting and being a preacher.  This week I have an event going on at my church.  Yesterday I bought donuts for breakfast for the group, and we went out for lunch.  I was able to eat a healthy meal and stay on the program.  I am not a slave to not eat, or to eat only certain types of food.  I just have to make healthy choices and use my shakes as needed.  Even in the middle of the challenge I stayed on the plan even though I cup back to one shake ate two meals.

2.  After the challenge when I have gotten the weight off I know I need to maintain my weight that is where Body By VI can really help my lifestyle.  I will be able to substitute a shake for a meal once a day or as needed to keep my weight down.  My dad lost weight many years ago and he set a rule that he would cut back anytime he got five pounds over his ideal weight.  Using that strategy he has maintained his weight to this day.

I know that that Body By Vi will let me do what my Dad did.  If my weight goes up I can use more shakes and cut back on my meals and lose the weight.


Joe - 1/2 pound for a total of 4 pounds

Flo - No loss for a total of 3 pounds.

If you want to join the challenge let me know.  One of the cool things about Body by Vi is that as people you friends join you get the products free.  I have signed up three and am very close to getting my current plan for free.  No I am not a distributor.  This is just their way of spreading the program.  Let me add that it is not expensive compared to other shakes that you can buy at the local retail level.


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