Monday, May 28, 2012

One Week on the Challenge

Today is one week on the challenge.  I'd like to share our results.

Joe - I am down 5.4 pounds.  

Flo - My girl is down about 4 pounds. I say about because her official weigh in scale is at work and she isn't working today.  She may have done better than that.

Here is what I like about Body by Vi and the challenge.
  1. The shakes taste good.  I am not going to lie and say I'd rather have a shake than a rib eye and baked potato, but I do like the shakes and I can customize them which I really haven't even started doing yet.
  2. It is easy.  Drink a shake. Skip your regular meal.  It is easy to clean up my little blender, and food prep time is eliminated.
  3. It is adaptable to my lifestyle.  All I have to do is use the shakes when I can and eat a sensible meal the rest of the time. I have had friends over, church events, been out to eat and I have still lost weight.
  4. The Planning. - Flo said she likes the fact she doesn't have to plan.  She knows she is going to drink her shakes and otherwise eat a sensible meal.
  5. IT HAS WORKED.  I have lost 5.4 pounds that is awesome.
  6. The Support. Our whole family is now on the plan.  I am thinking about doing a challenge party and meeting once a week to give each other support.
  7. Free product - I will get my products free next month because my family and friends are signing up.
  8. The challenge itself.  I like challenges.  I have a goal and a deadline.
Joe Palmer


  1. This is an awesome blog, Joe. I get my Visalus from someone else and if I hadnt already committed I would buy it thru you. All the best with your weight loss efforts and thank you for your inspiring messages! Your group sounds like a great group! I'd love to join the challenge with all of you.

  2. Thanks Sandi. I just have to do something. My sweet wife and I are doing it together. We are enjoying it very much.