Sunday, May 27, 2012

Review of Visalus Vi Shape and Neuro Day 6

Today is Sunday which is a big day for me being a preacher.  I lost .5 pounds today bringing my total to 5 pounds.  Flo didn't lose anything.  We will know her true total on Tuesday.

I am finished with the phase of rapid weight loss it seems where I lose a pound or two a day.  That is okay because that isn't sustainable, healthy, or realistic.

I got my full kit on friday and that was the first time I got to start taking the other products in the "Transformation Kit."  Let me share with you a few observations on two of the products in the kit.

Visalus Shake - Vi Shape

  • The Visalus shake is the best tasting product of it's kind on the market.  I know it claims to have an advantage in it's formula.  I can't personally attest to that fact.  I just know it tastes better.
  • The shake is great because it is adaptable. Instead of choosing one or two flavors the shake has hundreds of options based on what you want to put in it. Including the flavor packets that Visalus includes in many of the kits.  If you want some recipes leave a comment and I will send them to you.
  • It does a good job of keeping my hunger satisfied.  
  • It is affordable even when compared to products you can buy in your local discount store. Product comparison

Visalus Neuro - 
  • Negative - It doesn't taste very good.  When I first tried this product I compared it to the Propel fitness water products I use.  Propel has a minuscule portion of the vitamins that Neuro has.  According to the Visalus literature it is the vitamins and natural why it doesn't taste really great.  
  • Pro -  I really thought on first glance I would be canceling my order for the transformation kits and just go down to one of the other kits.  However what this product lacks in taste it makes up for in effect.  This product is one of my favorites.  It is better than "5 hour energy" and contains only 1/4 cup caffeine.  That was important to me because I have high blood pressure and try to avoid caffeine.
  • Let me say again I love this product it gives me a lot of energy and makes me feel good.  I also think it helped my ability to concentrate which is a big plus for me being an adult with A.D.D.  I didn't even know until after I felt this effect that the product claims to help mental alertness.

Here is more information from Visalus about Neuro.

I'll review the other products later as of know these are the only two I have strong feelings about. Remember this blog is my honest opinion.   I have no medical expertise and my comparison of this product to other products is simply my opinion.

Joe Palmer

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