Saturday, May 26, 2012

How to Keep on your Weight Loss Track during the Holidays. Day Five

How to Keep on your Weight Loss track during the Holidays.  Day five

Today is the start of the holiday weekend, Memorial Day.   Let us begin by saying thanks to the men and women who gave their life to establish, defend, and protect our freedom.  May we never forget their memory.  This year we lost a special young man in our town Joshua Born.  He was killed in Afghanistan by someone who was supposed to be his ally.

Holidays are special times.  Here are some of the pitfalls that come in holidays.  Flo and I have each lost weight.  I am down 4.5 pounds now and she about 3.5 or so. (We aren't sure because she weighs at work.)  Flo said today we are good at losing five pounds. The sad fact is we are also good at gaining it back.

  1. Celebrations normally mean food: fattening food, food high in sugar, food with lots of extra calories and fat.  So this mean lots of temptation.
  2. Holidays mean traditions and  one of those traditions may be eating to excess.  Often around memorial day we like to grill ribs, burgers, etc.  Maybe your family cooked some special treats on holidays and you think about eating those during this time of year.  
  3. Holidays mean we give ourselves permission to indulge.  People can't say no to the fattening drinks and desserts because it is a holiday and one day of indulgence won't hurt.
So what do we do?  
  1. In the Bible there are a couple of words of wisdom.  "As a man thinketh in his heart so is he." I have to recognize that I have been thinking like an overweight person for years.  I go to buffets because they are a good value, not because they are good food, or high quality, or healthy.  I celebrate on holidays,  I give myself permission to overeat.  So I have to understand the problem may end up on my plate, but it begins in my mind.  I have to stop feeling cheated if I don't eat to excess, or if I don't have those high calorie treats I am used to
  2. "Don't be conformed to the world but be transformed by renewing your mind."   I have to change the way I think.  Just because the world celebrates with food, do I have to celebrate with food.  Today I celebrated by going out on a boat.  I drank a VITALUS shake instead of some other food.  I celebrated by being active rather than by stuffing my face.
  3. Monday we are going on a picnic and we are going to take our own healthy food choices. We may eat some of the items other guests bring but we are going to enjoy the fellowship and friendship and avoid the calories.  Yes, we will drink our shakes too.  We will likely do one for breakfast, and one for dinner having our meal at noon.  By planning ahead we can stay on the challenge.
Joe Palmer

P.S. Don't let anyone sabotage your plan. Sometimes friends and family beg us to join in their celebrations.  Those who should be helping us can often become the enemy of our goal.

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