Friday, July 27, 2012

10 Diets That Don't Work

10 Diets That Don't Work

1.  Eating Nothing -  Yes you will lose weight but you will also die.  It is called starvation and it is not any more healthy than stuffing your face with too much food.

2. Eating Next to Nothing -  If you eat too little you will shut down your metabolism and ruin your diet. Ask any registered dietician and they will tell you this is a fact.

3. Fad Diets -  Again some of the diets will help you lose weight but if you can't adapt it to real life it won't make a lasting impact.

4. Exercise Alone - Yes exercise is great, but exercise alone won't give most people the weight loss they want.   You can exercise and still maintain excess weight by increasing your calories.

5. Diet Alone - Okay I do know people that have lost weight without exercise but to optimize our health we all need some exercise.  So even though I know you can argue with this one. I think we should commit to some exercise if we can do it.

6. The Diet You Don't Follow - It doesn't help to have a great plan of how you are going to eat if you don't follow the plan.  Consider these points.

  • Is the plan to complicated to follow?
  • Is it flexible enough for me to adjust to situations in my life?
  • Is it boring or just too restrictive?
  • Will I stick with it for the long term?
7. The Procrastinators Diet - I stayed on this diet for years and gained lots of weight on it.  I'd tell myself that I'd diet after vacation, or some other big event was over.  I started diets and then ate poorly after someone invited me out to lunch.  I had lots of excuses and big plans to start next week.

8.  The Yucky Diet - It may be healthy but if it doesn't taste good most of us can't stay with it very long.  So whatever you do find something that lets you eat some foods that you like.  Now understand I  realize that to lose weight we have to give up eating certain food, or at least eating them in large quantities. 

9.  The Diet that doesn't include a Maintenance Program - When the diet is over you have to have a plan.  All the research shows that losing weight is only half the problem.  Keeping it off is the hard part.

10. Doing Nothing -  I know this one sounds stupid but lots of people want to lose weight but they simply are sitting there wishing they would lose weight and won't actually commit to any type of real change. So if you are ready for  a change....


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