Friday, July 13, 2012

Weight Loss Tips

I wanted to share a few of my tips for losing weight. This doesn't mean I am expert.  These are just things that are working for me and that I want to remind myself to keep doing.

1.  Be Accountable - Now I did that by writing this blog, but you can't do it however you like.   Failing to be accountable often leads to failure.

2.  Have a Buddy - It is great to have a weight loss buddy on the plan with you. Flo and I have been able to support each other on the journey.  We are accountable to each other be we are also  doing this together and to be encouragers.

3.  Drink lots of Water - I love a product made a Visulus called Neuro which I add to my water.  I also try to drink green tea.  Water helps you feel full.  It helps your body get rid of fat.  Often times we think we are hungry when we are really thirst.  Don't forget that coffee can actually dehydrate you.

4. Don't get Hungry - Now that doesn't mean give into every craving.  Cravings and hunger are different.  We sometimes eat because we are bored, sleepy, or depressed.  So be aware of the many things that you may associate with hunger that are not related to your body needing food.  I encourage you to start your day with a Body by Vi shake and mid morning have a handful of nuts and a big glass of water or green tea.  I usually eat a lite lunch like a salad with protein and a light dressing.  Have a shake mid afternoon and a light dinner.    Don't be afraid to eat the right foods often. Eating can actually help you lose weight.

5. Track your Food - I recommend a food diary especially if you are having trouble losing weight.  A diary will help you identify how many calories you are eating.  What food combinations are working for you. It will help you identify what is going on when you diet plateaus.  It will help you recognize that you are eating more than you think.  It will make you acknowledge those small amounts of food you put in your mouth that you may not be counting. On average people who track their food lose twice the weight of those who don't.

6.  Have an exit strategy - As I have mentioned I have been on some crazy eating plans and have always  Yo-Yoed when I got off the eating plan.  So what are you going to do, when you stop doing what you are doing?  The best exit strategy is one that phases out naturally but not completely. I don't plan to ever stop Body by Vi.  I will continue to use the shakes because they taste good, they are healthy, and they will help me maintain my weight.

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