Monday, July 30, 2012

7 Tips to Boost Your Metabolism

I am going into week 10 and my weight loss has slowed a little bit.  Now honestly it is at a very healthy  1.5 pounds per week.  But we all want to keep that weight loss going.  So I started to go back and look at how can I increase my metabolism.   Today I want to share a few of the tips I learned that I think I can apply.

1. Eat Breakfast - If you sleep eight hours and then skip breakfast you are telling your body that food is not available.  So eat.   This is great for me because I always start the day with a Body by Vi shake.  

2. Add in B Vitamins -  B Vitamins are supposed to help your body in lots of way but research shows they help our metabolism.  Wow, that is great news for me because "Neuro" which is included in the transformation kit is loaded with B6 and B12.  I usually have one of those about 10:00 A.M. every day.

3. Eat small meals often - I have been trying to do that too.  I try to eat about 5 times a day but I am trying not to eat late in the evening.  Eating small meals helps by keeping your body from shutting down because it thinks you are starving.

4. Include protein in every meal - I use shakes twice a day.  I eat peanuts and almonds for snacks. I always have lean fish or chicken for dinner.  Protein fuels your body and takes more energy to digest than carbs.

5. Green Tea and Coffee -  Caffeine is supposed to help our metabolism by increasing our energy. I don't do much caffeine because it affects my blood pressure. I can start adding decaf green tea to my diet.  I was drinking a lot of green tea and I have stopped drinking it lately. Green tea has compounds called phenols that have great thermogenic properties beyond that explained by its caffeine content.

6. Eat more hot pepper - Peppers contain the bioactive ingredient capsaicin, which not only makes them spicy hot, but also doubles energy expenditure for 3 hours after a meal.  love hot food, but I haven't been eating a lot of food with cayenne or jalapeno lately.  So starting tomorrow I am going to add some heat to my diet.

7.  Exercise - The best way to exercise turns out to be endurance with bursts of intense exercise.  Strength training to add muscle also helps.  So I need to walk with shorts sprints and do some weight training.


FLO is down 17 pounds

JOE is down 31 Pounds.

Today we start week 11 on our journey.  Wish us luck. If you want to join us...

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