Monday, July 23, 2012

Week 9

Flo and I just completed week 9. I weighed in at 239 pounds even that means I have lost 29.3 pounds.  Flo is  down 16 pounds.  We are feeling awesome about the Body By Vi transformation.

I know I have said this many times but this is the easiest thing I have ever done to lose weight.  So I hope if you have been sitting on the sidelines thinking I need to lose a few pounds you will jump in and join us.

LOSING INCHES - This week was a tough week for me losing weight.  I only lost 1.3 pounds.  Now really that is a good week.  I realize that my expectations are just too high.  I continue to see signs that I am losing inches.  In the past two weeks I started wearing a belt I couldn't even get on. Now it is on the second notch.  My biggest belt is now in the trash it won't fit any more.  I had one belt that I was on the last hole to the end, now I am on the last hole I can tighten it up to. I can also tell in my shirts.  I am wearing shirts and can tell they are getting loser on me.

FLO -  My girl is looking good.  She is starting to shed more pounds too.  She is knocking on the door of losing 10% of her body weight.   This week we are both starting a new exercise program.  We are going to start doing some light weight training to build muscle and shed pounds.  She signed up to promote the challenge so if you want to join please see her or send us a message through Facebook or leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

BLOOD PRESSURE - My blood pressure is doing great.  It is down in the rage below 120 over 80.  So hopefully in another 10 pounds we will see it drop more and I can get off more of the meds.

Well  I hope you have a great week.  We have four weeks of our first challenge left.  We are trying to kick it into high gear and sprint to the finish.  You all know how losing weight late in a diet can be harder.  That is just because you are really kicking off the real body fat.  I know we can do it.

I'd love to hear your comments or questions. Just leave message for me and I'll respond.

Joe and Flo

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