Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Diet or LIfe Change?

I've been on lots of diets. This time I am on a "Life Change."  Whats the difference?

DIET  - A diet is when you change the way you eat for a specified period of time in order to achieve a goal.  

LIFE CHANGE - A life change is when you change the way you eat in order to live and be healthier.

I have made Body By Vi a life change for me.  Someone may be saying how can you do that.  Let  me share my plan and some misconceptions.


First I don't just eat shakes.  I eat one or two meals a day of regular food.  I also eat snacks.

Second, I don't prohibit myself from eating anything or anywhere.  There are some things I avoid.  I avoid bread.  I avoid eating at buffets.  I avoid excess sugar. I avoid soda, but do drink some diet soda.  Now these are the things that are part of my life change.  I intend to add them back into my eating plan but in limited amounts.


  • Body By Vi has worked for me.  I have as of today lost 25 pounds and lowered my blood pressure.  I feel better and have more energy. Flo has lost 12 pounds and 10 inches off her waist.
  • I plan to do up to three challenges and lose 100 pounds. That will put me in a healthy weight.  I also intend to become more physically fit starting with walking and increasing up to more strenuous types of exercise.  I am already running a little.
  • When I reach my goal I will drop down to using the shakes for meal substitutes and snacks.
  • Anytime I gain more than 10 pounds I will start another challenge until I lose that ten pounds.  


Now I have dome some diets that where hard to fit into my life.  Atkins was one.  I know it works for some people but it is so restrictive that it was hard for me.

I also did the "Master Cleanse." In that one I drank lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup for 10 days.

Now that I found Vi shakes I know I can do this for life.

  • They taste great.
  • They have so much variety.  There are hundreds of recipes not just two flavors.
  • I can eat them anytime and anywhere.  
  • I can take them on the road.

So why would I ever stop?


Tuesday, July 10 at 7:00 P.M. 

352 Jamaica Way.

We would love to have you come explore the many benefits of the challenge.  Taste some of my favorite shakes and enjoy a good time together.

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