Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Payoff

Almost everything we do is about looking for a payoff.

We go to work to get paid.

We go to the gym to change our body.

We take vitamins for health benefits.

Over the past two months I have seen  lots of payoffs to my diet using "Body by Vi."

New Clothes - I have been able to go shopping in my closet and been able to wear lots of my old clothes.  Shopping for free is fun.

Meeting Those Small  Goals -  It has been really encouraging to meet those small goals.

Compliments - Wow who doesn't like a compliment that you are looking good.  Even guys like that.

This week I had the greatest pay off of all: Improved Health.  Today I go to the doctor to get my blood pressure meds lowered.  I am now down 28.7 pounds.  Flo is down 15 pounds. I had no idea that my health would show the benefits so quickly.  This is just after two months.  My own personal opinion is that the health benefits of these products, the good nutrition that my body is getting is helping my overall health.

So two months ago you were probably thinking, "I need to do something about my health."  Two months ago I did something. I am not looking back.  I hope you will join us.


Challenge Party

Flo is going to host her first challenge party as a Visalus promoter Thursday at 7:00 P.M.  at 352 Jamaica Way.  I hope you will come and learn about these great products and taste them.

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