Saturday, July 7, 2012


I (Joe) do most of the writing on this blog, because I am a writer.  Therefore most of the blog has been about me. Last night we went to our first "Challenge Party." At the part we learned that a lot of women have their weight loss show up in inches not pounds.

So, last night we were curious and we went back and measured FLO started the challenge at 43 / 46 / 46.  Now I was sworn not to reveal those numbers when we started but I have permission now.  Today she measure 41 / 36 / 43.  That was so dramatic that we went back and remeasured. In fact she questioned in we got that 46 right because that meant her hips were equal to her bottom. I then went back and showed my dear wife her before picture.                                                                                      

              BEFORE                                                                        AFTER

We noted how much bigger her stomach was when she started.  She had been noticing how her clothes were fitting better and her figure was coming back. But seeing was believing.

Now, my wife is a beauty.  I know she hates talking about this as most do and frankly most don't or won't talk about such things except with their closest girlfriend.  But the numbers don't lie.

WHY INCHES NOT POUNDS?  I am very much so a why person.  I like to tear things apart and see what makes them work. The reason women often lose inches not pounds is most women have less muscle mass than men and the shakes promote lean muscle growth which mean women gain muscle weight and lose fat weight.  The growth of the muscle mass takes the place of the loss of some of the fat weight.  So your figure shows more of the results, than does your scales. 
 Muscle weight means you are going to keep you metabolism up and sustain your weight loss.

So ladies do you want to drop some inches?

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  1. Inches are the best! I lived watching my inches shrink during my journey.