Friday, July 20, 2012

Self Awareness

Self awareness is a big part of weight loss.  There are several steps I have discovered in my weight loss journey.  It is important to discover what works and try to duplicate it every day.

1.  You have to know what you are eating.  At first that means get a program like Lose it or My Fitness Pal for your smart phone or just get a little notebook or diary and write it down.  You have to also know what is in what you are eating. You have to look up calories. You need to know not guess the portion sizes.  So a scale helps or buys  individually portioned foods.

2.  You have to eat the right kinds of foods.  For me that means not under-eating or over-eating.  I need lean protein.  I need to be aware of my calories.  I need to be aware of my salt content.  I need to eat vegetables and fruits that provide fiber.  Also bananas seem to help me lose weight.

3. Drink lots of water.  This week I have only lost a pound so far.  Now a pound is a pound but I have been losing around 3 pounds a week. This is what I feel like I have been missing this week.  I have been drinking my shakes. This week I drank some coffee in the mornings, something I haven't been doing a lot lately.  Coffee actually dehydrates you.  Although it is supposed to boost your metabolism, it also creates additional hunger pains because of the dehydration.   I feel like I have sabotaged myself by not drinking the water they way I had been.

Today I am trying to correct this.  I'll let you know the results tomorrow.

Joe and Flo

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