Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Think Yourself Thin

You are what you eat...

But you eat the way you think.

For years I have eaten like a fat man, but I also thought like a fat man.  When I went out to eat I thought about value, and value meant the quantity of food I could get for my money. Sure I wanted quality but quantity mattered too.

Since starting the challenge I have been working on changing my habits including my thinking.

I think about nutrition.

I think about my health.

I think about what should I eat, not just what do I want to eat.

I think about quality not quantity.

Learning to eat right is hard but learning to think right is the answer.  I am not on a diet.  Yes I have a weight loss goal.  But I am working on adopting a different attitude toward food.  We eat for a lot of bad reasons.

Sometimes we eat because we are sad.

Sometimes because we are happy.

Sometimes we eat as a reward.

Sometimes we eat because we are tired.

A lot of times we eat because we are depressed. Have you ever heard the term "comfort food."

So if you want to change you weight, and change your waist, change your mind.

Joe and Flo Report.

Today I am down 30 pounds.

Flo is over 16 pounds.


We will have a Challenge Party Thursday night in FWB if you want to come message me and I will get you the details.

Joe and Flo

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