Thursday, June 28, 2012

Breaking Through

If you have ever dieted for any length of time you have likely hit a plateau.   For the past week I have been stuck.  This week I have lost 3.5 pounds.  What is the secret? If I have found it I could likely sell it for a lot of money.  The fact is I didn't find a secret.  The secret is consistency.  Not giving up.

Yes, sometimes you have to change your eating pattern.  You may need to look for hidden calories.  You may need to exercise more.  But the fact is the secret is keeping on, keeping on.

Flo is on a plateau and I just broke though one.  I am super excited and she is a little frustrated.  But we are both committed to keeping on track.  That is why having a buddy is so helpful.

One of the great things about "Body by Vi" is the challenge. You can join the challenge with other friends and encourage each other. It is not about competing. It is about being a support community.

I wish you much success.

I am down 21.4 pounds in 38 days.

Flo is down 11.5 pounds.

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