Monday, June 4, 2012

Week Two Report

Today is the start of week three for me in my Challenge.  Over the weekend my body weight fluctuated. I went up two day and then down today a little.  I attribute it to some changes in my diet.  I was eating some things that caused me to slightly overeat and hold water.

At the end of two week here are our results.

Joe - 10.1
Flo - 7 pounds

Now that is awesome.  I also have other family members doing this and they too are getting good results.  It depends you, your body, your self discipline.  I don't care what your diet is those are essentials.

Body by Vi is just an aid.  It has really helped me. Over the weekend I went two church events and didn't over eat due to the help of these shakes. Let me add that I am eating real food too.  I even at at one of the fellowship meals because some of the food brought was food that I could eat in a healthy way.  The other one I didn't eat because I simply didn't have time to stay for the meal.

We have to make our eating program fit our life.  It has to be able to fit back into the real world when we get to our weight goal.  I'll talk more about that later.

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