Saturday, June 23, 2012

Step By Step

Weight loss and fitness are a journey, not a destination.

You can set goals, but in another sense you never arrive.

There is always another hill to climb, another road to travel, another adventure to enjoy.

Remember riding in the car as a youngster and asking your Mom or Dad,  "Are we there yet?"  After a while my dad would tire of the question and say, "No we are only 5 miles further than the last time you asked the question."  But that is the point each day we are on the journey we are a little further than we were before.

This week a friend shared this photo which I shared and got lots of comments on.  That guy who is obviously a "Life After 50" guy is a lot like me.  He's got a way to go, but he is on the road and that is all that counts.

One of the things I have tried to do on my blog is to simply share from a non professional basis the  success and frustrations of weight loss and fitness goals.

I figured up today that I have lost 6.5% of my original start weight.  I am still 82 pounds from my ultimate goal.

But I got lots of goals along the way. I am reaching to break 250.  Then I want to lose 20 pounds.  My challenge goal was 30, but now I want to finish the 90 days losing 40.  After this challenge I want to do another and break below 200.  Then I want to hit my high school weight of 180.  Then I want to hit the century mark of losing 100 pounds.  I am sure then I can set another goal.  Because fitness is one goal that when you think you have arrived and can therefore stop, you will find you are no longer where you want to be.

Joe and Flo

We held steady today but went for a brisk two mile walk so we are really getting there step by step.

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