Thursday, June 21, 2012

Life on the Go - Day 31

Life on the Go

Yesterday was so busy I didn't get to blog.  I got up and left the house to take a friend to run some errands and then it was back to the church and the hospital to visit a friend who had surgery. I am glad that I can fit my shakes into my busy schedule.  It is really convenient and helps my overall eating plan stay on track.

Okay here is my dilemma this week.  I am stuck.  I have lost or gained.  I am just stuck.  I am trying to figure out what is wrong.

  • Am I eating too much?
  • Am I eating too little?
  • Is my body just taking a break?

Yesterday I ate

Breakfast - Shake

Lunch - Pork loin, brussels sprouts, and tomato florentine soup.

Snack Neuro and some peanuts.

Dinner - Salad - Shake

Snack Cucumber roll up with laughing cow cheese and cucumbers.

I really felt good all day and feel like I am doing everything just right.  So here I am in my dilemma.

If you have any feedback I'd appreciate it.


  1. Are you getting enough variety? Sometimes your body gets used to eating the same things.


    You're retaining water for a bit so your fat cells can deflate safely. Your body is playing catch-up with your weight loss. This will happen periodically during your journey and is a very good thing!

  2. Everyone reaches a plateau in dieting. You may have as much as a week when you do not lose any weight. But you don't gain any either. You just hold your own and then you start losing again. This happens to everyone I know who had been serious about dieting/losing weight. Just continue on your prescribed mealplans and it will come off again.
    Love that Blake son of yours! Not many young men would get up early and drink coffee with the grandparents! He did that when we were all at my daughter's for Thanksgiving just after he and Beth were married. Loved it! Feel sorry for him about Bethany. she is a stubborn girl and we are just praying that she will come to her senses. Praying for Blake while he is in Korea also.