Friday, June 15, 2012

Don't X out on Exercise

Lots of people lose weight on diets including Body by Vi without exercise, but I recommend you exercise.  This morning I walked two miles and I even. (cue drumroll)....RAN.  Yes, I ran a whopping .2 miles. That is two tenths if you are decimal challenged.  I know that this is not far.  I should probably be ashamed instead of being proud but if you where carrying an extra 85 pounds could you do it?

I have been trying to walk regularly and have done so but not as frequent as I should.  I am feeling stronger and more energetic and want to challenge myself so I have begun running a little. This morning was the first time I used my phone ap "Runkeeper" to track my distance.

Why you should exercise.

1.  Burn Calories.

2.  Build muscle.

3.  Improve heart health.

4.  Exercise is good for diabetes too.

5.  Improve your attitude.

6.  Proven to be good for your emotional health, including helping with depression.

You can probably add to my list but these will do.

A lot of people have trouble exercising due to their current medical condition and physical condition.  If you are in that boat just do something. Get a set of dumbbells and exercise in your chair. Walk whatever distance you are allowed to by your doctor. Find a piece of equipment or type of exercise that fits your physical limitations and just do your best.  In the long term it will pay off.


Today my weight went up and Flo went down .2 of a pound.  My weight increase is likely due to being off my pattern of eating the last few days with my son.  Overall I have lost weight this week and that in itself was a challenge I am sure by the start of next week I will see some positive results for this week.  I feel so good that I was able to spend time with my son, go out to eat, cook good meals and still lose weight.  That is a big win for me.


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