Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Vitameatavegamin Vs. Body By Vi

My Favorite Lucy skit is about VitaMeataVegamin.  She is doing a T.V. commercial for a supposedly amazing new health product.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

See the full length version below if you have time.

One of the best benefits of using "Body By Vi" is how good I feel.  I was out running around yesterday with my sons and I was just thinking how good I feel.  How much more energy I have.

I was really skeptical about this product before I tried it.  I probably thought it like the old "snake oil" salesmen from days of all.  It was just another supposed miracle product. I literally put off doing this for months because I was so cynical.

So far I am really impressed with everything I am taking.  No I can't tell exactly what every product does, but I know I am losing the weight and feeling better.  The nutrition and vitamin content of these product is doing wonders for me.

My favorite product so far are:

Visalus shakes - If you are taking a shake just compare this one. I think mine is better tasting and very effective.

Neuro -  If you take five hour energy on a regular basis, or would like to have more energy but not so much caffeine, this product is for you.  I drink one of these a day and it really picks me up.

Vi Slim - This is their metabolism boosting pill. I haven't reviewed it yet.  The first week of my diet I didn't take this pill. The second week I did.  Normally for me weight loss starts really slowing down after a week.  I believe this product has help me keep it going.

I know some of you are on the fence and skeptical.  All I can say is I am glad I finally got off the fence and tried these products.

Another great benefit of Visalus products is they don't get you drunk like Lucy, nor do they contain so much caffeine or other products that make you jittery.


I lost another pound. I am down 14.5 pounds total.

Flo had a scare yesterday. She went to work and the scales showed her up two pounds.  Boy that makes it tempting to abandon ship on a diet plan.  I told her it wasn't a real reading.  I know for a fact she is more faithful than I am to eat right.  She dropped it back today.  Every time I have done this I got up and then if I stay consistent I start going back down.

She is still down 8 pounds in three weeks. So I am proud of her.  It is so great to do this as a couple.  She doesn't really have the health concerns I do, nor does she need to lose as much weight.

Well have a great day.

Joe and Flo

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