Friday, June 8, 2012

The Payoffs - Day 18

If you are getting in shape or losing weight what are the payoffs you are looking for?

I had my first one today.  I wore a shirt that I had not worn in several months because it was too tight around my stomach.  It felt good to not feel that shirt pinch when i sat down.

Now that isn't much but it is something that gives me that positive reinforcement that I was looking for.   So here are some of the payoffs I am looking forward to.


1.  Wearing the clothes in my closet I have outgrown.

2.  Getting off my high blood pressure medication.

3.  Being able to look straight down and see my feet.

4.  Being able to run / play basketball / or other sports without feeling so old and winded.

5.  Feeling more confident in my appearance.

6.  Not having my Wii say, "That's Obese."

7.  Not hearing people make fat jokes about me.

8.  Being able to buy life and health insurance at lower rates.

9.  Hopefully feeling and looking younger.

10.  Knowing I will hopefully have more years to enjoy living with Flo and serving the Lord.

Joe & Flo Report

Today I lost 3/4 pounds  - I have lost 13.2 pounds total.  It will be Monday before Flo can weigh again since she is off work.   We were talking about her program yesterday and have a theory that she needs to add in more meals and exercise to kick up her results.  I honestly believe she isn't get enough calories.  We are both still losing weight although you would expect the results to slow down.  I have lost 3 pounds this week and FLO has lost 2.  That is pretty good since my exercise has decreased.


  1. Very good Joe. I've been fighting this battle most of my life...losing it most of my life. Keep up the great work and the inspiring posts!

  2. Thanks John. This has been fun. Writing this Blog has really made me more accountable which is exactly why I did it.