Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Do you have any goals?

The Visalus Company who creates the Body by Vi shakes which I use created a 90 day challenge.  since I joined the challenge I set some goals.

You can see my profile and goals here.

My Profile

Honestly I expect to do better than the 30 pounds in 90 days goal I set, but if that is what I do I'll be happy.    I just watched a couple of videos today.  One was about a guy who gained 72 pounds to become obese and then lost it again.  He is a personal trainer.  Sure I know he did it as a publicity stunt for his book but it was amazing to see what a really fit guy would look like obese.

You can watch it here.

Fit 2 fat 2 Fit

Here is a story of a guy who weighed 700 pounds

Neal Burns

So I have bigger goals.  On my blog "About me" page.  I say that Flo and I are "Fat and Happy" but we want to be "Fit and Happy."   My ultimate goal is to get back down to my weight from high school.  To do that I will have to break 200 pounds.  I don't expect to do that in 90 days. The ninety days is just a start because I want to "Fit and Happy for Life"

So where are we today?

I am down a little over 11 pounds.
FLO is down 7 pounds.

Joe Palmer

If you want to join the challenge click here:  http://Niceguy4life.myvi.net/challenge

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