Friday, June 1, 2012

ConGRADulations / Eating Plan - Day 11


Today was graduation day in my town so here is a tip of the hat to all those who graduated.  To those of you still in the fight to finish school don't give up it is worth it.


Today my weight loss hit another high. I lost 2 pounds.  I am down 11 pounds in 11 days.  I haven't even mentioned very much how much energy the nutrient combination of the products has given me.


I thought I'd share something about my daily eating plan today..

BREAKFAST - This morning I experimented and made a pineapple/coconut Vi shake. I wasn't crazy about it but it was okay.  About 200 Calories

SNACK - I had a Neuro energy drank about 10 A.M. along with about an ounce of peanuts.

LUNCH - I had a salad with olive oil and Balsamic vinegar with half a chicken breast and some croutons.

SNACK  - I had another shake. This one was good.  I added a pack of swiss miss sugar free cocoa to my shake mix. I always use a lot of ice with my skim milk so I get a cold frosty milk shake like taste.  That was pretty good.  About 220 calories.

DINNER - I had a sautéed flounder.  I added some Tony Chacheree's and Old Bay to season it.  We had some brussels sprouts and steamed mixed vegetables.

After dinner Flo and I went for a walk.  I walked two miles.  She walked a little less than a mile.

This is a good schedule for me because it lets me mix in lot of protein with fiber, vegetables, and water and exercise.  I get the shakes and the joy of eating thinks I like.  My body never gets hungry and hopefully keep my metabolism up.