Thursday, June 14, 2012

My life on a Diet - Day Day 24


Today I took my son to get on a plane to go live in Korea.  I got up at 2:30 and left at 3:00.  I am really sleepy.  I have shared a lot on making this diet fit into my lifestyle.  I think that is the challenge for any diet.   I'd like to share a little about some of the diets I have been on.

The most extreme diet I have been on was the one called the "Miracle Cleanse."   On this diet you drink Grade B Maple Syrup, Lemon, and Cayenne Pepper. Nothing else can be consumed.  I did it for a couple weeks.  I lost a lot and much faster than I have now but I gained it all back.  This diet doesn't fit into your lifestyle at all.  I would literally go out to eat with people and sit and watch them eat.

FASTING - I have fasted.  I was doing this partly due to my faith.  I found it an effective way to lose weight.  The advantage was that fasting for a day or two lowered my appetite. I would drink broths and juices but leave off hard foods.  This diet is hard to fit into your lifestyle.  I have not yet tried going on a Body By Vi fast yet, but I may do this in the future.

CARB REDUCTION -  Whatever you call it Atkins, or South Beach or Sugar Busters, I have done a low carb diet. This was never very successful for me.  I lost some weight but stalled out and gained it back. It was also so limiting I was hard to fit into my lifestyle.

MYFITNESSPAL - If you have a smart phone or a computer you can find an application that helps you count calories.  This was a great deal of help. I think this is a good addition to using the Body by VI shakes. I contend that with Body By Vi if you aren't changing your eating habits you are wasting your time and money because the weight gain will be insignificant and return quickly.

BALANCED DIET - I have tried just cutting back and eating a balanced diet but sometimes that is difficult because you have a hard time finding good food choices if you don't prepare them ahead of time. I really did great on a diet like this for a few months once when my daughter was cooking every night and preparing lunch for us too.

By far for me the combination of a balanced diet, Body By Vi shakes and exercise is the best plan I have ever been on. I love being able to pick and choose when to drink a shake and when to eat a meal. This week I went out to eat and had company over and went to someone else's house and yet I am still losing weight.

I know there are many other diets.  I have also tried other shakes.  But these taste the best, and I believe are the best on the market. 

PLEASE SHARE YOUR DIET TIPS AND REVIEWS BELOW. I'd love to hear from some of the other uses of Body By Vi and what has worked and not worked for you.  

Joe Palmer


Due to the early hour I left we didn't weigh in.

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