Saturday, June 30, 2012

How to Beat a Buffet

How to Beat a Buffet

Oh Buffets, you are the curse of humanity and the plague of all fat people.  I can likely contribute 25% of my recent weight gain to the Hong Kong Chinese restaurant in Niceville, Florida.  In fact it is on my list of places to go on my cheat day.

Today on vacation I ate at a buffet.  I was nervous as a cat in room full of rocking chairs going into that restaurant.  I am much like the late W.C. Fields who said, "I can resist anything except temptation."

So how did I do?  I would give myself a "B".

This restaurant had a nice salad bar which I got a full salad plate full of goodies, mostly dark green lettuce. I used a fairly light dressing.  Added turkey for protein, and a little chicken salad.  No Croutons. No Cheese.

Off the hot bar I had baked fish and a small spoonful of rice pilaf and 3 cheese stuffed tortellini.  I had a half cup of clam chowder.

Now I give myself a B because I shouldn't have gone back for the hot foods. I was really pretty full after the first salad plate. I don't give myself a lower grade because I probably ate half the food I would have normally eaten, and probably only a third of the calories.

Maybe someday I can eat at buffets and honestly fell like I don't have to overeat to just get my moneys worth.  Today was a start.

Oh, Flo stopped after one salad plate. She had a salad with one piece of grilled fish.  I would give that girl an A+.

Joe and Flo


  1. That and potlucks. Those are real killers, cuz you have all the ladies looking over your shoulder to make sure you get plenty, and from their dish. :)

  2. Yes I have had to walk though many of those mine fields the past 5 weeks.