Saturday, June 9, 2012

Taking a Long Range Perspective - Day 19

Taking a Long Range Perspective

I am fifty years old so that is exactly how long it has take me to get from the approximately 7 pound weight I was born at to the over 268 pounds I started my challenge at.  So losing weight has to be a long range goal.

There are two ways to look at long range goals.

1.  I can eat things I shouldn't and put off my weight loss until tomorrow, using the long range perspective as an excuse.

2.  I can eat a proper diet an not get discouraged with the fluctuations or if my weight tics up a little.

The first leads you to weight gain. The second will lead you to long term weight loss and health benefits.

What I love about doing this 90 day challenge is it keeps me motivated and feeling a sense of urgency and yet at the same time it helps me remember that I have a long range goal of changing my eating habits.

I weight on the Wii this morning and it told me I had gained just a little.  I was disappointed because I thought since I worked so hard and sweated yesterday mowing the yard I was sure to lose.  But you know what?  I am loosing weight at an incredible but healthy pace.  I am not killing myself doing it. I am learning how to say no and get through situations that used to really sabotage me.  So I am content.

Instead of being discouraged I took a walk,  drank my morning shake and am ready for a great day and looking forward to day 90 when I can see the final results of what my first 90 day challenge has accomplished.  Oh and by the way the next day I start the next 90 day challenge because this truly is a long term project.

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