Saturday, June 2, 2012

What to Do...

When you gain weight?

During my 12 day trek on this weight loss journey this has been the second day I have gained rather than lost.  I went up a little yesterday.  But really that doesn't mean anything.  The day before I lost 2 pounds on the scales. That doesn't mean I lost two pounds of fat. It just means I weighed two pounds less than I did the day before.

There are a number of factors than can influence your weight that have nothing to do with fat or muscle.

  1. Sodium - If you had a lot of sodium you may be retaining water.
  2. Cycle - A woman especially has a cycle that may be causing weight gain.
  3. Exercise can actually cause muscle stress and cause your body to retain water.
  4. The amount of  waste product in your colon.
  5. You are storing more carbs which also means more water.

STAY THE COURSE - So if you are like me on a 90 day challenge you have to know that you have got to stay the course. Keep a long term perspective. I know I am on the easy exciting early part of this ride.  I plan to stick to it for 90 days.  So before anyone judges me a success or a failure, see me in 90 days.

LOOK FOR A CAUSE - This is where a food diary comes in handy.  Look at what you ate differently or did that might have influenced you weight.  Yesterday I ate some black beans.  Did that cause me to gain weight. I am not sure. Honestly I don't think so.

DON'T GET DISCOURAGED - If we throw in the towel or revert to old habits then you are going to compound your problems. Don't get emotional about one day of weight gain.

ARE YOU EATING ENOUGH? - I had a friend who was trying to lose weight who was literally told by a dietitian that he was under eating and need to add more calories to his diet. He did and started losing weight again. Don't shut down your metabolism by starving yourself.

BACK TO THE BASICS - The bottom line weight loss is a matter of eating less than we consume. Over the long term there is a basic formula for weight loss.

-            CALORIES USED
=          WEIGHT LOSS

The way a diet works is by affecting the two variables. 
  1. EAT LESS   - So we consume less calories
  2. EXERCISE MORE   - So we burn more calories.
You may also want to go back to the food and portions that have been working for if you changed your diet.

The main thing is don't panic.  Just keep on keeping on.

Joe Palmer

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